CREATE (Cyber Research, Experimentation and Test Environment) is a partner in the DETER (Cyber Defense Technology Experimental Research project, the operator of DeterLab. The DeterLab is an advanced testbed facility where leading researchers and academics conduct critical cyber security experimentation and educational exercises. CREATE is a localized version of the DeterLab, both of which are used to emulate the real-world complexity necessary to evolve next generation solutions to help protect against sophisticated cyber attacks and network design vulnerabilities. CREATE allows academic researchers to accelerate the science of cyber security with an environment capable of repeatable, verifiable experiments in a realistic test environment.

CREATE is made possible by the Israel National Cyber Directorate’s partnership in the DETER project. CREATE enables the academic research community to conduct advanced research in cyber security through use of DeterLab’s innovative methods and advanced tools. By providing an isolated network in a full production environment, researchers can accelerate development of effective, innovative cyber defense technologies through state of the art cyber security experimentation and science. CREATE is operated in conjunction with the Israel Inter-University Computation Center (IUCC) Cyber Unit, on Israel’s National Research & Education Network.

CREATE is free to use and accessible through an online application process.

What is the DETER Project?

The gap between threat and defense continues to widen as adversaries use increasingly sophisticated attack technologies to cause economic disruption; interrupt services to critical infrastructures, such as energy and communications; and even national security.

The DETER Project is working to fill that gap, as both a research project and the operator of a leading cyber security experimentation lab, DeterLab. The project focuses on emerging behavior, helping leading edge researchers, startups and vendors invest in new technologies that will be needed to thwart the attacks of the future.